Is it possible that a ugly person can turn into a pretty person?

Answer definitely your body is still awkward at 16, a lot of girls become very beautiful in their 20's

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What makes her so pretty?

She looks so average... It is most likely her personality andconfidence that makes her seem beautiful to you.

What makes the human eye pretty?

Yes, eyes can come in any shape, color, or form, like all of the ways you listed, but I think it's really the story the eyes tell that make them beautiful and engaging to look into.

What makes a girl pretty?

Guys! what makes a girl pretty/cute/hot?

hair color: brownlength: shoulder length or chin lengthcurly or straight: either, i like wavesmake up: mascara, lip stick, eye shadow, blushclothes: form-fitting, trendypersonality: not loud, but n... Read More »