Is it possible that a ugly person can turn into a pretty person?

Answer definitely your body is still awkward at 16, a lot of girls become very beautiful in their 20's

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How do you become a pretty person?

i'm a guywhat i look for in a girl is the following:not fatlong hairfunny smartnot a bullynot full of themselvespersonally i believe a pretty girl mostly depends on they're personalityhope i helped... Read More »

What makes her so pretty?

She looks so average... It is most likely her personality andconfidence that makes her seem beautiful to you.


i think you should curl your hair and give it more lifeand your face seems to me fine maybe som eye make up

What makes a girl pretty rather than hot?

Personally i'd prefer to be called pretty or beautiful rather than hot.Because 'hot' as much as it IS a compliment is has a kind of way to make a girl feel, well trashy.If somebody called me 'hot' ... Read More »