Does wearing eyeglasses and braces makes you a geek, nerd or whatever?

Answer No, I just makes you able to see. I think people look more intelligent with glasses.

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When a person dies of cancer, what makes the heart stop beating, and the person stop breathing?

I'm an MD - cancer specialist for 20 years (now retired), so I've seen the deaths of many of my patients with advanced cancers - - been there at the bedside. The body just seems overwhelmed in th... Read More »

What makes a person pass out?

It could be something that really stinks. Or a hit in the head hard enough.

What makes a person lie about their health?

AFTER reading all of the answers above me...I can tell you exactly what is going on here...this person has what is called:MUNCHHAUSEN SYNDROME....the person craves attention or sympathy & they do N... Read More »

What is the name of a person who makes dentures?

A dental lab technician makes denture. A dentist provides instructions and molds of a patient's teeth and gum. The dental lab technician creates the dentures based on the dentist's information. Lab... Read More »