What makes a mother unfit during a shared parenting agreement?

Answer Abuse, neglect, or incapability.

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What makes a mother deemed unfit in GA?

It's not a matter of being unfit, but the best interest of the children. see link below

What is shared parenting?

Here is a short paragraph from an article about shared parenting: "Shared parenting is the term used to describe a situation where parents are separated, but still sharing the responsibilities of r... Read More »

What is an unfit mother?

Answer Any mother who cannot or will not adequately provide for her child emotionally and physically.Unfit mother (parent) is a societal term rather than legal.What some would define as unfit woul... Read More »

How do you stop an unfit father from getting shared custody of your daughter?

you need to have proof of this. testmomials, documents, people to testify