What makes a mirror work?

Answer Mirrors are designed to be reflective surfaces that allow light energy from an object to hit the mirror and then bounce back (reflect) the image to the viewer.Ancient MirrorsHistorically, polished ... Read More »

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Make your pc wallpaper a mirror tried to scan the mirror but doestn work?

Cant do it...Its a lovely thought but not a possibility...Mirrors use a special coating of a mixture of silver nitrate and ammonia on the unreflective part (back side of the mirror) to make the mir... Read More »

How can i turn my pc monitor into a mirror scanning a mirror doesnt work?

add silver chloride to ammonia coat your monitors screen in the resultign solution of silver nitrate. then pour sodium hydroxide onto the screen.

How Does a Rearview Mirror Work?

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How do I remove streaks from a mirror when window cleaner doesn't work?

Fill a spray bottle with a mixture of one part white vinegar and three parts water. Spray a generous amount on the entire surface of the mirror. If cleaning a large mirror, however, it will be nece... Read More »