What makes a good husband&father?

Answer On One Hand: Provide for the FamilyWhile gender norms are shifting, the typical family still has the father and husband in the provider role. This means that it is your responsibility to ensure tha... Read More »

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Why have you replaced good game shows with that Agenda thing that is NOT a good game show and makes me go back to regular network programing?

What makes you are good mum/mom ?

When?? my kids don't say anything nice mind you my youngest did tonight as you know he's not well got a sickness bug so I've been clearing up after him and before I took him to bed he said "mum I l... Read More »

What makes you a good mom?

I am a good mother because i chose to stay at home for a few yearsI am a good mother because my son reaches over to me in the middle of the day to give me kissesi always cutt the crust of the sandw... Read More »

What are some good pa/pro amp makes ?

You're not going to get much on a low budget but Check out some of these: Samson, American Audio, Alesis, and Gemini.