What is a good Christmas gift for my girlfriend?

Answer On One Hand: Jewelry Is Often AppreciatedMany women appreciate the gift of jewelry. You'll need to know her preferences, such as whether she likes gold or silver. Be prepared to spend at least $100... Read More »

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What is a good - cheap digital camera to buy for my girlfriend?

Hi KillerWorm,Based on your requirements, the camera your girlfriend wants is the Kodak EasyShare M1093 IS ($129). If you really want to score points with her, you might want to bump up your price ... Read More »

What are some good love songs to put on a CD for my girlfriend?

Top 100 Love Songs1 Let's Get It On - 1973 Marvin Gaye 2 The Rose - 1980 Bette Midler 3 Love Me Tender - 1956 Elvis Presley 4 Thank You - 1999 Dido 5 More Than Words - 1990 Extreme 6 Building A Mys... Read More »

What are some good places to take your girlfriend to in Denver?

Dude, you're not taking my girlfriend anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Oh wait, you mean YOUR girlfriend.............The Chart House in Gennessee, good food, better view.

What Are Good Fancy Restaurants To Take My Girlfriend To In The Metro Atlanta Area?

There are some really good high-end restaurants in Atlanta -- my favorite is Bacchanalia -- but $150, with tip, alcohol and food wouldn't be enough. (Crazy, isn't it?!)Look at the menu for Le Pet... Read More »