Good Kisser?

Answer If you can come over tonight I'd be willing to show you.

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How to Know if You're a Good Kisser?

Have you ever asked yourself if your kissing is satisfying? Being a bad kisser can be a reason to break up for many people, so if you doubt your kissing skills, you might appreciate this article.

How can you tell if your a good kisser?

STAR FOR YOU!!!THIS QUESTION GOT ME TO LEVEL 3! FINALLY!Stupid Hackers. I have never kissed anyone :[ Ha but in a good way :D YAY!

What do You prefer good french wine or french meal ..?

I can't have both?Since I'm hungry right now I'll say the meal.:P

Who makes French Shriner shoes?

Freeman Shoes International, Inc. manufactures French Shriner shoes. The company has its headquarters in Montvale, New Jersey. The French Shriner brand launched in 1881 with the company originally ... Read More »