What makes a good computer tech?

Answer On One Hand: Current KnowledgeA good computer technician is knowledgeable about all current computers and laptops, including software and hardware alike. Most techs have obtained a college degree o... Read More »

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What are good business names for computer networking and tech support?

What are some good books and websites that can help one go from being a "tech-dinosaur" to being "tech-savvy"?

(~Specifics at the bottom~)In agreement with some of the previous answers. Books go out of date very quickly - So I wouldn't spend time and money for YOUR particular purpose. Web sites tend to be f... Read More »

What company makes super tech motor oil?

Warren Distribution makes Super Tech motor oil. Super Tech motor oil is sold at Wal-Mart stores across the county. Warren Distribution also manufacturers other automotive lubricants, accessories, c... Read More »

What makes a range burner "extra hi speed" (service tech q)?

I would just buy a new one unless there is some attachment to that old stove.. They have some now that can boil water in 3 mins.......