What makes a good LED monitor?

Answer Remember, by 'LED' monitor, we are refering to LCD monitors, with LED backlights. That's quite important to remember.Here's a good run down on the different types and what to look for in a LCD/LED... Read More »

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What makes my monitor flash when I click on some pics?

Wild guess. It's not your monitor, it's your Graphics Card drivers. Identify the card, by Make & Model number, and go to the card manufacturer's website for the latest drivers.

Who makes the best 24" monitor?

Well it does depends upon what you are going to use it for. Dell did correct the banding problems and de-interlacing on it so the monitor now ships out with smooth interlacing. If you are a MAJOR... Read More »

What is a good gaming monitor?

Get an LCD monitor that offers a 2ms display to avoid games from onscreen ghosting during lots of gaming action. As far as model that is up to you. I have a ASUS ML228H 21.5-Inch Ultra-Thin and it ... Read More »

What is a good lifespan for a HP LCD monitor?

I'd say that 8 hours a day for six years is a good life span & about right. If it was going black on you, then most likely the backlight is failing which is common on LCD's. I'd say it's time for a... Read More »