What makes a father with full custody unfit?

Answer Answer In general terms any actions that constitute abuse and/or neglect and/or endangerment as established by the laws of the state where he and the child/children reside. For example if the child... Read More »

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If the father doesn't have custody and the mother is unfit can a grandmother get custody?

Can a father get full custody if the mother moves herself and the kids in with her lesbian lover and the father does not agree with the mothers lifestyle?

The courts can rule either way and it depends on the gay laws in your State. Some courts may still grant the mother full custody if they feel the environment is safe for the children and many court... Read More »

If a mother with a child enters rehab to fix her problems can the father get full custody where they already have joint custody?

It really depends. I think that the mother and father should have full custody. I say this because the mother is doing this to get better, for the benefit of her kids. Some might argue that she sho... Read More »

What makes a father unfit?

If the father is doing drugs or drinks a lot. Also, if the father does nothing for the child. Being abusive can also count as unfit. Any of these would work. I'm sure there's a lot more.