What makes a father with full custody unfit?

Answer Answer In general terms any actions that constitute abuse and/or neglect and/or endangerment as established by the laws of the state where he and the child/children reside. For example if the child... Read More »

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If the father doesn't have custody and the mother is unfit can a grandmother get custody?

Can father get custody if mother is unfit?

Yes. The biological father would be the next logical choice unless he has had problems in the past and has been declared an unfit parent himself. He can petition for sole custody and must provide c... Read More »

How do you stop an unfit father from getting shared custody of your daughter?

you need to have proof of this. testmomials, documents, people to testify

What makes a father unfit?

If the father is doing drugs or drinks a lot. Also, if the father does nothing for the child. Being abusive can also count as unfit. Any of these would work. I'm sure there's a lot more.