What makes a father unfit?

Answer If the father is doing drugs or drinks a lot. Also, if the father does nothing for the child. Being abusive can also count as unfit. Any of these would work. I'm sure there's a lot more.

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What makes a father with full custody unfit?

Answer In general terms any actions that constitute abuse and/or neglect and/or endangerment as established by the laws of the state where he and the child/children reside. For example if the child... Read More »

Does a father that was ruled unfit by a judge due to a juvenile charge have any visitation rights after the mother signed over her rights to her parents and they have not let father meet or see child?

That would vary from state to state, and court to court. You would need to contact your state child welfare department, and perhaps an attorney.

How do you prove a father unfit?

Answer If he truly is unfit, then list instances where he has abused the children or is unable to take care of them. If you are just trying to get custody and need to lie in order to do that, then... Read More »

How can you prove a father to be unfit?

Through the preponderance of accurate and TRUE evidence. If there's is a justifiable reason for this, the judge will see it. But, even a bad dad is better than no father at all, even if it requir... Read More »