What makes a dry martini dry?

Answer A martini is a popular cocktail that varies in preparation. While the standard martini is mixed from gin and vermouth, a dry martini contains a higher ratio of gin to vermouth.DrynessFundamentally ... Read More »

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What makes a martini dirty?

The comprehensive drink collection at the Drink Mixers website lists olive juice and olives as the ingredients that transform a traditional martini cocktail into what bartenders call a "dirty" mart... Read More »

What makes a martini 'dirty'?

A dirty martini is a classic martini with a splash of olive juice, usually garnished with an olive. You can prepare it with either vodka or gin. The link below includes a recipe for a vodka dirty ... Read More »

What ingredient turns a dry martini into a wet martini?

The ingredient that turns a dry martini into a wet martini is vermouth. While vermouth is also used in a dry martini, a wet martini has much more vermouth. Vermouth is an aromatic white wine that... Read More »

What does it mean when people say "ill have a martini, dirty.....or martini please....dry."?

First off, a classic Martini is made with Gin, not Vodka. Vodka became popular after the James Bond 007 films, in which Sean Connerry's character ordered his "Vodka Martini, shaken, not stirred."Su... Read More »