What makes a dog's nose wet?

Answer There are several possible reasons why a dog's nose may be wet. Some professional answers come from anatomy explanations, while others come from observations of behavior.AnatomyDogs have a duct tha... Read More »

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What makes a dog's nose dry?

Although a dog's dry nose is generally not a cause for concern, the loss of moisture may be a sign of an allergy or underlying condition.Common CausesBecause body temperature increases during sleep... Read More »

Dry Nose on Dogs?

You may notice that your dog's nose is dry sometimes. Contrary to popular belief, a dry nose does not always signal a sign of disease or illness in dogs. Brief periods of dryness of your dog's nos... Read More »

Nose Pigmentation in Dogs?

The nose is a sensitive part of the dog's body. A healthy dog nose is normally cool and moist to the touch and a darkish color, though some dogs with lighter hair have lighter colored noses. It re... Read More »

Winter Nose in Dogs?

Some dogs' noses seem to change color depending on the change of the seasons. Dogs that have this happen usually have a pink or light brown change starting at the middle of the dog's nose and exten... Read More »