What makes a dog lose hair?

Answer Dogs constantly lose hair, but extreme thinning of the hair, or even baldness, isn't considered normal. A trip to the veterinarian may be required to determine what the underlying cause of the hai... Read More »

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What makes a cancer patient lose his / her hair?

the drugs are used in cancers affect on the cancerous cells . the cancerous cells have the high growth rate as this result the drugs affect on the cancerous cells and all the other healthy cells th... Read More »

Does everyone lose hair during chemotherapy because i have long hair and i don't want to lose it all?

Not all chemotherapy regimes cause hair loss, though most do. Some just cause thinning of the hair, and some cause no hair loss at all.Your oncologist will be able to tell you whether you should ex... Read More »

Is it true that Vomiting makes you lose weight?

i live with bulimia in my life and ild like to say im not mental i had things happen in my life that i couldnt control so therefore i use food as a source of control i wouldnt wish it on anyone don... Read More »

I really want to lose weight but just working out makes me tired?

Try cutting back on red meat. Red meat has more fat it in than people think. Eat more veggies. Avoid fried foods. Above all....Do not starve to lose weight. This will cause your body to store ... Read More »