What makes a cat start biting?

Answer Cats bite naturally, and they've have been making their owners say ouch since the first cat was an adorable kitten. A primary reason for biting is that cats interact with people as if they're other... Read More »

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Is stop biting my nails makes them grow ?

Why would a Yorkie terrier start biting?

Dogs bite for many reasons, but sudden changes in behavior, such as a previously calm and well-mannered dog striking out, should always be carefully evaluated. Determining the cause of biting in a ... Read More »

How do I stop biting/picking my lips and biting the inside of my mouth Help!?

Set up a lot of hot dates with people you'd want to make out with. That should give you the motivation to quit.... no one wants to kiss someone with scabby, dry, peeling lips!

What makes labor start?

There are a lot of different factors... but here's one of the major things that happens hormonally between baby and mother to initiate labor. Cortisol from the baby's adrenal glands rises towards ... Read More »