What makes a car hard to start?

Answer Many car problems (especially those associated with the electrical system) manifest at start-up. Whether it's a dry start (starter turning fine, no catch) or a labored start, the best recourse is t... Read More »

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What makes laminate flooring so hard?

Laminate flooring is hard because of its tough, protective film. The flooring is made up of a number of layers, significant pressure and high temperatures are used to press the layers together.Fun... Read More »

What makes a hard drive crash?

A hard drive is a storage device in a computer. Because of the mechanical nature of a hard drive, it is prone to failing, which is often referred as a "hard drive crash." Identifying issues that ca... Read More »

What Makes Water Hard or Soft?

Knowing whether the water coming into your home is hard or soft water will help you to determine whether you should consider purchasing a water softener treatment system. Concentrations of certain ... Read More »

What makes train speed hard to judge 10 points?

Excellent question!A part of it is due to the size of the equipment. If you ever see a huge military transport aircraft coming in to land, it is so huge it seems to be floating in the air, or at le... Read More »