What makes a car hard to start?

Answer Many car problems (especially those associated with the electrical system) manifest at start-up. Whether it's a dry start (starter turning fine, no catch) or a labored start, the best recourse is t... Read More »

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What makes a hard drive crash?

A hard drive is a storage device in a computer. Because of the mechanical nature of a hard drive, it is prone to failing, which is often referred as a "hard drive crash." Identifying issues that ca... Read More »

Who makes Comstar hard drives?

Comstar hard drives are produced by Samtack. Employing about 100 people, Samtack boasts multiple registered brands, including Comstar, RetailPlus, UltraSpeed and Iprodrive. Samtack's parent company... Read More »

Who makes Toshiba hard drives?

Toshiba hard drives are manufactured by Toshiba, a Tokyo-based electronics company. Toshiba’s Storage Device Division falls under its subsidiary, Toshiba America Information, Inc. (TAIS), which i... Read More »

What Makes Water Hard or Soft?

Knowing whether the water coming into your home is hard or soft water will help you to determine whether you should consider purchasing a water softener treatment system. Concentrations of certain ... Read More »