What makes a bouncy ball bounce?

Answer Bouncy balls are made of rubber which has a high elasticity. Materials with higher elasticity can stretch further and this stretching causes them to bounce higher. Once a ball is dropped, it gains ... Read More »

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What Makes a Rubber Ball Bounce?

A rubber ball bounces because it is made from an elastic material that deforms and then returns to its original shape. The elastic deformation stores and then quickly releases energy, giving the ba... Read More »

Why Do Bouncy Balls Bounce?

Bouncy balls have been fascinating kids of all ages for decades. They can be flung into walls and bounced off floors, soaring high into the sky. These rubbery balls captivate the imagination leavin... Read More »

What is the temperature of a regular bouncy ball?

A regular bouncy ball will take on the temperature of the surrounding area. Bouncy balls that are the average room temperature or warmer bounce better than balls that are cold.Source:University of ... Read More »

How to Keep a Bouncy Ball as a Pet?

It can be depressing not having a pet, but you can turn your bouncy balls into pets and have lots of fun.