What makes a birth certificate a legal document?

Answer Hospitals issue birth certificates and churches provide formal baptismal certifications, but neither has the weight of a legal birth certificate to supply proof of place of birth. Each state determ... Read More »

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Is a birth certificate a legal document?

By definition a birth certificate is an official, legal document used to record the birth of a baby as well as important information, such as parental names, the date of birth and place of birth.So... Read More »

What makes a document legal?

The most important element in interpreting the legal status of a document is its intention. Did the person writing the document intend it to be legally binding? In cases of dispute this may be deci... Read More »

Is a bicentennial birth certificate an official document?

A bicentennial birth certificate is an official document In Australia. Citizens can use a bicentennial birth certificate to obtain any Queensland Transport driver's license. It establishes the lega... Read More »

Is it legal to not file for a birth certificate?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a birth certificate needs to be filed for every birth in the United States. The National Center for Health Statistics works with the ind... Read More »