What makes battery to charge fast.. Higher Voltage or More Ampere?

Answer From my understanding voltage. The higher the voltage the more "pressure" is flowing. Think of it this way....electricity AC or DC is like water running through a garden hose.....the water itself i... Read More »

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What is the voltage of a D battery?

D batteries have 1.5 volts. Most people don't realize that C, AA and AAA batteries also have 1.5 volts, but the difference is in the amount of current delivered by the battery type. D batteries are... Read More »

What is the voltage of a c battery?

Disposable C batteries, typically alkaline batteries, have a "new" voltage of 1.5. Rechargeable nickel-metal hydride batteries (NiMH) typically have a voltage of 1.2. Newer formulations of C batter... Read More »

What voltage is a car battery?

According to, "...the standard automotive battery in today's vehicles is 12 volts." Car batteries have six cells inside, and each contains 2.1 volts. A battery is completely charg... Read More »

What Voltage Is the Battery in a Car?

A car battery refers to a form of rechargeable battery used to provide power in the form of electric energy to the starter motor, ignition system and lights in a car. Car batteries must supply a ce... Read More »