What makes a HP Printer keeping printing the same picture over and over ?

Answer start menu and check the printer icon showing any pending documents. if there is you need to right click and choose open. click at the document name and delete it. restart the pc and try again

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HELP! How do I get my printer to stop printing the same page over and over again 10 PTS BEST ANSWER!?

go to the bottom right of the screen and click on the miniature printer it might take a couple times to pop up so double click it then click on the page that keeps on printing and then press delete... Read More »

My print keeps printing the same thing over and over again?

Run this Microsoft Application to clear the print queue.It takes about 10 secondsIt can also help resolve many printer problems Select step 2 : Use a troubleshooterNow click Fix it, then run

Why is my laser printer printing pink specs all over the page?

Pink is the magenta station. So check the magenta drum cartridge for damage especially if the defects repeat a certain distance apart. You can tell by looking at the circumference of the drum.

My Printer is Printing the same page! As soon as I turn the Printer on it start printing the same page. Help?

Relax - this is an easy fix. Go to Start - Printers and faxes and click to open. Highlight your printer icon by clicking just once. Look on the left hand side for the words: "See what's printing". ... Read More »