What makes Wikipedia less reliable than other encyclopedias?

Answer Professors don't accept it as a scholarly cite because of what everyone else has been explaining about how anyone with internet access can alter it. Though, I have never had any problem using Wikip... Read More »

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Is wikipedia as reliable as other encyclopedias for information and facts?

Its really up to you on what you want to define as reliable. Many of its articles are reliable, but popular ones get vandalised quite often. Its important to always check the sources. I would alway... Read More »

How to Choose Between Wikipedia or Classic Encyclopedias?

The expansion of information provides lots of choices to be made where to go when researching a topic.

Can anyone give me the URLs of some free online encyclopedias other than Wikipedia?

Is wikipedia reliable at all?

Yes. It is essentially a 100% reliable as a way to find external sources. (Check out the bottom of every single Wikipedia page that has encylopedic content. You'll find links to all its sources.)