What makes Tahitian pearls black rather than white?

Answer It takes years of careful care to cultivate a single pearl, a fact that's reflected in its expensive cost. More rare, though, is the Tahitian black pearl, which is cultivated exclusively in French ... Read More »

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What makes black pearls black?

A pearl is created when a piece of rock or sand becomes embedded inside an oyster. The oyster creates a shiny layer called nacre around the particle. Over time, the nacre thickens to form a pearl. ... Read More »

Are Tahitian pearls enhanced?

Tahitian pearls are often enhanced to either change their color or make them more evenly colored. An enhanced Tahitian pearl will go from a black color to a chocolate brown color. Not all Tahitian ... Read More »

Can Tahitian pearls be magnetic?

Tahitian pearls and all of their variations are formed by a natural process inside of oysters. They do not have magnetic properties; however they can be used along with magnetic stones or magnetic ... Read More »

Do tahitian pearls come from china?

Tahitian black pearls do not come from China, but from French Polynesia, which is the only place where the large black-lip oysters that grow them live. Tahitian pearls are among the rarest pearls i... Read More »