What makes Mexican rice the orange-red color it is at restaurants?

Answer Definitly NOT saffron....saffron is used in mediterranean cooking and would turn the rice bright yellow. Definitely NOT turmeric..... this would also cause it to be yellow, as turmeric is the prim... Read More »

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What color mixed with orange makes blue?

Since orange and blue are opposite colors on the color wheel, there is nothing that can be added to orange to arrive at a blue color, except a very large amount of blue paint. Another barrier to th... Read More »

French Fries or Taters White Rice or Macaroni & Cheese Orange Juice or Orange Soda?

French Fries or Taters? French FriesWhite Rice or Macaroni & Cheese? Macaroni and CheeseOrange Juice or Orange Soda?Orange Juice

How to Make Mexican Rice?

Keep the ingredients on hand for a simple Mexican rice dish so you can put this tasty and inexpensive dish together with very little effort. Mexican rice is a basic recipe that can be adjusted to s... Read More »

Mesa, az mexican restaurants?

Rubios Fresh Mexican Grill480-357-9484Mesa, AZ, 85209Filiberto's480-807-1966Mesa, AZ, 85213Senor Tacos Authentic Fresh Mex. LLC480-833-9389Mesa, AZ, 85201Chipotle Mexican Grill480-988-6935Mesa, AZ,... Read More »