What makes DVD superior to VHS?

Answer 1: DVD is better video and audio quality, especially for commercial studion DVDs made from film or digital video.2:Random access.3: More compact, more if you do away with the retail cases.4: Record... Read More »

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How to Become Superior To Others?

Many humans were worshiped throughout history as gods. The Japanese emperors, the Egyptian pharaohs, the ancient Roman Emperors; all of them were official deities within their state religion, and y... Read More »

360 or PS3, what system is superior?

I own both consoles, so I know the ups and downs of both. I also have a lot of gamer knowledge. I am not a fanboy to either one of them. The Xbox 360 has really good games and good graphicsjust lik... Read More »

What is a superior mirage?

A superior mirage is one that is seen above the object's actual position, like when we watch the sun set. Although we think the sun is on the horizon, it's actually just below. The sun appears to b... Read More »

What is a superior court of record?

A superior court of record is a type of court recognized in several legal systems, including Canada, Australia and Nigeria. "Superior" means the court is presided over by a judge, rather than a sub... Read More »