What makes American music American?

Answer Aaron Copland, Tom Petty and Chuck D. all have something in common. As Americans, they all make American music. American music is the music of a young nation influenced by an abundance of different... Read More »

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How did Latin American music impact the music of the United States?

American music has incorporated many elements of the music of Latin America, in popular music as well as in other genres.The sound variesThe Spanish sabor --- or flavor --- is often thought of as h... Read More »

What piece of music was used as the theme music to the 1974 American game show Winning Streak which aired on NBC-TV and was produced by Bob Stewart productions?

What is American music?

American music includes a wide variety of styles and genres--from classical to jazz, rock-and-roll, and hip-hop.Early American MusicThe earliest American music was primarily religious. The Revoluti... Read More »

What is latin american music?

Latin American music is a hybrid of indigenous, Spanish and African musical styles, unique in its rhythmic structure.HistoryAccording to Piero Scaruffi's "A History of Popular Music," Latin America... Read More »