What make up to use to hide bruises?

Answer I'm so sorry this happened to you! But to answer your question; the bruise will go through a multitude of color changes. To cancel them out, buy some yellow and green concealer. Experiment with th... Read More »

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Body Makeup That Will Hide Cellulite & Bruises?

Despite the "perfect" models you see on the glossy pages of fashion magazines, no one has perfect skin. Visible imperfections such as spider veins, cellulite or bruises can happen to anyone. These ... Read More »

How do you make bruises go away faster?

If the bruise sits over swelling, then put a few cabbage leaves in the fridge for an hour (the tight, white cabbage is best) then put two or three leaves over the swelling. Keep them in place (e.g.... Read More »

How to Make Bruises Go Away Fast?

Bruises or contusions are lingering reminders of painful accidents. The discolorations sometimes remain longer than our memory of the cause. Bruising is evidence of an internal injury that did not ... Read More »

How to Make Black and Blue Bruises With Makeup?

Creating bruises with makeup can be a handy skill for Halloween, a school play, or for a costume party or other event where you need to add some creepiness to your look. If have some dark-colored e... Read More »