Who is the actor that looks like kathy bates in the directv misery commercial?

Answer It is Kathy Bates herself.

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When is Gil and Kelly bates and their bates birthday?

What is bates motel about?

You have to see the first movie Psycho it was so good its an old one but a classic…Both the novel and Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 film adaptation explain that... Read More »

What Is a Bates Stamp?

A Bates Stamp is a manual or automatic stamp which is used most often in the legal field to number or date sequential pages of documents for identification purposes. Bates stamping, or Bates number... Read More »

Question about mom on Bates Motel?

There's obviously something wrong with Norma. The show will probably never specify what it is exactly because the show is supposed to be about Norman, she's really a supporting character, but i thi... Read More »