What main source of energy drives the earth's weather systems?

Answer Heat from the sun drives weather, according to USA Today. Regions near the equator warm up more than regions near the poles, which creates warm and cold air currents that drive weather systems on e... Read More »

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What is the energy source for the Earth's weather?

The Sun is the major energy source that drives the Earth's weather. As the Sun's energy reaches the Earth's surface, it heats the air above it, causing the air to rise. This means other air flows t... Read More »

What is the main source of cell energy?

The energy that powers cells comes from a high-energy phosphate bond referred to as ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). Living organisms use other sources of energy, such as the combustion of carbohydrat... Read More »

What is the main source of energy in Chicago?

The main source of energy for the city of Chicago, as of 2010, continues to be fossil fuels--specifically, natural gas. According to the Chicago Climate Action Plan, "Chicago homes and businesses r... Read More »

What is Boston's main energy source?

Natural gas is the number one energy source for electric power plants serving Massachusetts and Boston, which is also the major port of entry for much of the liquefied gas. Other important sources ... Read More »