What magnification will you get from a slr telephoto lens?

Answer It is a tiny square, and lots of them make up a picture. Please go to

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Telephoto Lens Focal Length Vs. Magnification?

Modern telephoto zoom lenses offer even amateur photographers the ability to capture images of distant objects in sharp clarity. Their built-in ability to zoom in on and out from a subject allows p... Read More »

What is the difference between a zoom lens&a telephoto lens?

A telephoto lens uses optics to bring your photographic subject closer. A telephoto lens also may be a zoom lens. A zoom lens has a variable focal length.Prime vs. ZoomA telephoto lens may be a pri... Read More »

What is the Difference Between a telephoto lens and a regular lens.?

If you want to photograph a large landscape, you use a wide angle. If want to photograph a faraway detail, you use a telephoto lens. You want to photograph something in between the two, you use a n... Read More »

How do you use your telephoto lens?

go on word click insert pic. click the pic u want there will be 5 boxes up top when u inert it click the down arrow on the right sidethen a list will pop up click on the oval one :)THERE U GO BUD!!:)