What made iPod popular!?

Answer iPod was the first to market the technolody successfully. The ability to store so much music, which folks were downloading like crazy from the internet, combined with the small, light-weight size w... Read More »

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What is the second most popular MP3 player after the iPod?

Its sandisk.Zune is gaining populartiy but they've still lost to the little player that doesn't advertise. In fact as of Feb 2007 MS's zune is still only number 5 on the list.

What is the most popular coloured ipod nano?

the most popular coloured ipod nano is orange , so who ever wrote blue or black for boys and pink for girls is retarded .........

How to Make Your iPod Popular at School?

Each school, class, or clique has an iPod that everyone wants to listen to. This is the iPod with all the best music on it.

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