What made Muhammad Ali famous?

Answer Muhammad Ali, born Cassius Marcellus Clay, was a renowned boxer for 27 years. Ali, called "The Greatest" by his fans, is the only boxer in history to win the heavyweight title three times.Heavyweig... Read More »

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What made Oprah famous?

She was the first African American Billionaire

What made Mendeleev famous?

Dmitri Mendeleev is known for inventing the periodic table of elements. He was born in Siberia in 1834, the youngest of a large family, and attended college in St. Petersburg. The periodic table gr... Read More »

What Made Pocahontas Famous?

Fictionalized and romanticized stories of Pocahontas, the "Indian Princess," are common throughout American literature and cinema. Historians often debate the true story and accounts of Pocahontas ... Read More »

What made Gucci famous?

The Gucci fashion label, founded in Italy by Guccio Gucci, became renowned for exceptional quality, particularly with leather items and accessories, soon after the first boutique opened in the earl... Read More »