What machine used 18000 vacuum tubes?

Answer It is normal for dishwashes to discharge below the sink into the "S bend" (otherwise called the trap) this trap is there to stop the smell from the drain coming into the house. Often there is a spi... Read More »

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How to Test Vacuum Tubes?

A vacuum tube is an electrical device used for creating, amplifying and modifying electrical signals. They function by controlling the electron movement in a low pressure environment such as low pr... Read More »

In broad terms How do Compositor Machines work Why did some of them use Vacuum Tubes?

Uplinking refers to the transmission of a signal via a satellite from one terrestrial location to another location and then ultimately the signal can be distributed to the end users.What is the rol... Read More »

What is a vacuum forming machine?

A vacuum forming machine is an industrial tool which uses a negative pressure (vacuum) in a molding process to heat and shape plastic. These machines are known by many other names, including thermo... Read More »

Why vacuum cleaner a compound machine?