What luxury ingredient couldn't you live without?

Answer cheese, it can go with practally anything.

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What is the one item in your kitchen you just couldnt live without?

Corkscrew!!! Have you ever fancied a lil glass of something yummy and didn't have the tool to open it???? HELL!!!=]X

How to Live in Luxury As a Teen Girl?

If you want to live in glamour with only a part time job and an allowance, read on!

Can you get emancipated in Oregon and be 17 and pregnant without parent consent and live with your boyfriend and his mother without having to pay rent?

You can get emancipation at 17 in Oregon. The court can take into consideration that the parents are opposed. They are also likely to take the fact that you are pregnant into consideration. Being p... Read More »

What gadget can you not live without?