What lures do bass like?

Answer On One Hand: Plastics Should Be in Your Tackle BoxPlastics are by far the top bass lure. They are versatile and come in many colors and patterns, and anglers will find an ideal match for all bass f... Read More »

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The Best Lures for Spawning Bass?

Every spring, bass move into the shallow waters of the lakes, rivers, and reservoirs in which they live and take part in the annual spawning ritual. Although bass are not necessarily feeding active... Read More »

The Best Winter Bass Lures?

Fishing is a sport many think of as a warm-weather activity. And while that image of wetting a line on a spring or summer day is more common, it's also easier. Because bass, which are cold-blooded ... Read More »

How to Fish for Striped Bass with Lures?

Striped bass are hard fighting game fish. They are primarily found in salt water, but can also be found in certain freshwater locations. Striped bass can be caught using a variety of fishing metho... Read More »

How to Catch Bass Using Popping Lures?

Bass fishing with a popping bug is one of the more unique and enjoyable fly fishing experiences available. Bass bugs are generally constructed of buoyant materials such as cork, balsa wood or deer ... Read More »