What lube is used for a power window motor?

Answer Power window motors can be lubricated with white grease or silicone spray. A lubricating silicone spray will smooth window movement, increase window speed, and decrease motor strain. Sprays do not ... Read More »

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How to Fix a Power Window Motor?

Power window motors are extremely reliable, and when something does go bad, diagnosing and fixing the problem is usually quite easy. There's not a lot that can go wrong. A power window motor is mad... Read More »

How to Replace a CR-V Power Window Motor?

The power window motor of the Honda CR-V is mounted to the door frame behind the door panel with three bolts. There are several screws and wire connectors that you need to remove to get to the wind... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot a Power Window Motor?

Window motors are found on every car with power windows. The window motor is located inside the door panel. It moves the window up and down. After years of use, the window motor cam become damaged ... Read More »

How to Install a Power Window Motor?

Automobiles are manufactured with optional power windows, which use a small electric motor to actuate a window regulator to move the pane of glass. This motor can wear out and require replacement. ... Read More »