What looks should I do on my makeup channel?

Answer My sister wants to see a smokey eye , different types of makeup ideas for all different colors of eyes and skin tones good luck!!answer mine please?;…

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What Makeup Looks Best With a Red Dress?

Red is a color that speaks volumes about a woman's personality. Vibrant, dramatic and daring, the red dress might seem to enter the room before you do--particularly if your frock is a satiny evenin... Read More »

What eye makeup looks good with pale skin?

I have really pale skin too and personally I go with quite neutral or natural colors. If you have brown or hazel eyes, I think light greens and golden colors look good. For green eyes or blue eyes,... Read More »

What is the earliest known culture in which the women (or men) enhanced their looks through the use of makeup?

"The first archaeological evidence of cosmetics usage was found in Ancient Egypt in the year 4000 BC"

Makeup Looks From the 1950s?

Makeup became a popular look in the 1950s, especially as movies and certain television programs began to be produced in a color. Additionally, the United States was coming out of the austerity of W... Read More »