What logo/title do you guys think looks best?

Answer I am a graphic designer....I design logos (and other graphics) for a living. So I will be happy to offer my professional opinion.The first logo is the most effective. The second and third are nice,... Read More »

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On what series did a female college student work for SD-6 good guys until it turned out they were part of the Alliance of Twelve bad guys at which point she joined the CIA good guys more or le?

Are women more sexually attracted to guys with mature face or guys who look like 15 years old boy(10 points)?

Who Looks More Attractive ""African Guys Or American Guys""(Only Girls)?

depends. its not about skin color, there are hot white and african guys

Do military guys who are married get deployed as much as single guys?

There is no discrimination between married and single soldiers for deployment, so there is an equal chance of being deployed. Although single soldiers might volunteer for deployments more frequentl... Read More »