What light do plants grow best in?

Answer its blue light sun light is one but blue light is better

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Which color of light makes plants grow best?

Visible light falls between the wavelengths of infrared and ultraviolet radiation, and can be broken down into seven basic components: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. If you ta... Read More »

Do plants grow better in real light or artificial light?

On One Hand: Real (Natural) Light is BetterIt provides the necessary energy for normal growth. Plants need the natural balance of red and blue light rays as an energy source, says David Trinklein a... Read More »

What are some plants that can grow with out sun light?

All green plants require some sun (or lamps for light). There are quite a few plants that usually grow in shady conditions, such as hostas, begonias, some ferns, and some woodland bulbs. There ar... Read More »

Photosynthesis: What type of visible light helps plants grow under red plastic?

Red-orange light and blue-violet light are the optimal colors for photosynthesis. If a red plastic shields the plant leaves from the light source, the plant will grow best in light in the blue to v... Read More »