What liability exposure do you have allowing ATV's on your property?

Answer Huge! I do not recommend this - any accidents that happen on your property you can be held resonsible for. Especially, if there are any known conditions on the land and you allow people to ride, it... Read More »

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Does the liability coverage on your auto insurance cover you against a liability exposure if you are at fault in an accident and a passenger in your car is killed in the accident?

AnswerIt should, up to the amount of the policy. It is possible that your liability could exceed that amount, particularly if you had only "legal minimum". And I suppose there could be some situati... Read More »

Is A property or liability insurance policy a business or liability contract?

A property is not a contract or a business. A liability insurance policy is a kind of contract but not a business. the answer is b...

What is the difference between Property owner's liability and Tenants liability?

Property owners Liability is the financial , legal liability attaches to property owners due to their property, where as tenants libility vice versa

What is property liability insurance?

Anyone who owns a car, house or other large asset should have a good working knowledge of how their insurance works. Here is a brief look at liability insurance and how it affects you.DefinitionA l... Read More »