What level pH is necessary to grow collards and turnips.?

Answer ANSWER: Between 6.5 and 7.5.

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When collards are full grown and yellow flowers appear at top what do you do Do you cut them down and let them continue to grow or pull them up?

This is the seed stalk and should not be allowed to grow unless you intend to save the seed.

Can Someone Help Me Grow Turnips Please?

The tricky part may be getting them started. If you don't even see them come up, then you're not watering enough during the critical germination/seedling stage. Water, water, water. Every day, f... Read More »

Are multiple lenses necessary for a beginner with an entry level SLR?

Buy whichever camera you like best with the standard 18-55mm lens and don't worry about another lens for at least six months. When I bought my first 35mm SLR (a Minolta SRT-100) in July of 1971 it ... Read More »

What can you do with turnips?

They're good fried with potatoes and onions. They're also good roasted with potatoes, beets, carrots and onions, all tossed with EVOO and sprinkled with salt and pepper.