What level is regigigas in pokemon pearl?

Answer The legendary Pokemon Regigigas appears at level 70 in "Pokemon Pearl Version," like many of the other legendary Pokemon in the game. You'll need the three "Regi" Pokemon from "Pokemon Ruby Version... Read More »

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How to Get Level 100 Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Catch level 100 Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond. To do this, you must have the action replay cheats.

How to Level Up in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Need to level up your Pokemon quick? Use this guide.

What level does Squirtle evolve to on Pokemon Pearl?

In Pokemon Pearl, as well as all fourth-generation Pokemon games, the Pokemon Squirtle will evolve to Wartortle when it reaches level 16. You can stop the evolution by equipping Squirtle with an ev... Read More »

What level does Kadabra evolve in Pokemon Pearl?

In Pokemon Pearl, Kadabra evolves into the Pokemon Alakazam at Level 16. However, it will only evolve when sent to another player through a trade. To trade, connect to Nintendo's WiFi service at th... Read More »