How to Evolve Dragonair Into Dragonite in "Pokemon SoulSilver"?

Answer "Pokemon SoulSilver" is part of the Pokemon series of games. The game features hundreds of breeds of Pokemon and challenges the player to collect them all. As a third-tier Pokemon, Dragonite is one... Read More »

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At what level does the Taillow evolve?

According to the Pokemon index known as the Pokedex, Taillow is a tiny swallow-type Pokemon that comes in both a normal and a flying form. Taillow evolves to become Swellow at level 22.References:... Read More »

At what level does taillow evolve?

The Pokemon Taillow is a normal/flying Pokemon whose starting moves are Peck and Growl. Taillow evolves into Swellow at level 22. In the anime series based on the game, Ash's Taillow evolved into S... Read More »

Does tentacool evolve at level 40?

What level does Scyther evolve on?

Scyther can evolve at any level---it does not evolve based upon levels. Attach a Metal Coat to Scyther (a Bug-Flying type) and trade it to make it evolve into a Scizor (a Bug-Steel type).References... Read More »