What lenses will fit in an Olympus PEN dSLR?

Answer Hi JD,It would be helpful to know what camera model you have found, I recommend you avoid the E-P1 because you cannot attach an eye level electronic viewfinder. You have one piece of misinformatio... Read More »

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Will lenses from a Olympus slr 35mm film fit the new Olympus digital?

Are you talking about the Samsung camera, which has a screen in the front as well?If you take a lot of photos where you are in the photo yourself, then it is unbeatable because it lets you see what... Read More »

I've paid a fortune on olympus slr lenses. now i use sony, is there anyway to use olympus lenses on my sony?

Will Olympus film camera lenses fit digital camera?

Olympus OM-D vs. Regular DSLR?

Olympus makes the smallest dSLR's using the four-thirds mount. They are no different from other dSLR's except that they use smaller digital sensors. Smaller sensors technically have lower image qua... Read More »