What lens would be most useful for 300 dollars ?

Answer I know they are burning hot but hold on to the $300 and save another $300 or so and you could then afford the one in the link below.The vibration reduction/image stabilization is superior to others... Read More »

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Is 400 dollars too much to pay for a Nikon D70 with kit lens?

What is a good lens for a Nikon D200 in the price range of 250 dollars?

This is rather vague as it depends on what you want to photograph. Having said that, the "standard" 50mm f1.4 lens is good value and very fast, its also around your budget.The 18-200mm lens will ca... Read More »

What is the best general purpose walking around lens for Nikon DX cameras under a thousand dollars?

The 18-200 is pretty good for a walk around lens.First, the lens is classified I suppose as a super-zoom (nearly 12x). And like all super-zooms, it does have some optical issues.I have this lens, a... Read More »

You recently purchased a quantaray lens 28-200mm D aspherical lens for your nikon D80 camera The lens will not focus on a subject unless you are at least 3 feet away Why is that's?

No. Architectural photography requires control over converging vertical lines. Anytime you shoot a building and don't hold the camera perfectly perpendicular to the building's surface, the vertical... Read More »