What lens to use when taking portraits with nikon d70?

Answer If you had a 18-55 mm lens, you would have a good medium wide angle as well as a medium telephoto ... the medium telephoto lens length is what is perfect for shooting portraits.Now we need to clari... Read More »

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What is good lens for taking indoor portraits with a Nikon D40?

To photograph lightning, you have to a pretty large extent get lucky! You have to get into a position where you can see the lightening. You will need a tripod and a cable release.With the camera on... Read More »

Want to buy a cheap but decent zoom lens for taking portraits with my nikon D3100.which one is the best?

I'm assuming you already have the 18-55mm lens that came with your D3100.Cheap zoom lenses are rarely going to give you the best portrait photographs. While you could look at the 55-200mm and certa... Read More »

Best Lens for Portraits with the Nikon D80?

For portrait lenses, the standard zoom range is between 70mm to 105mm. SInce Nikon doesn't use a full sized sensor equivalent to 35mm film, you need to multiply the zoom factor by about 1.3x to ge... Read More »

What is the best Nikon Camera Lens to shoot still portraits with?

I like Karl's answer and agree 100%. Your lens is probably just fine and your lighting will make the most difference. Try not to simply use the on-camera flash. At a MINIMUM, if you are stuck us... Read More »