What lens should I buy?

Answer I will play the Devils advocate with my thoughts...1) Photography is roughly 70% photographer skill/experience, 20% lens quality, and 10% camera body2) I would rather have a $600 camera with a $1,5... Read More »

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Should you buy a Nikon 50mm f 1 4 lens for your D200 camera you have a 18-200mm vr lens on it now?

Yes. Or the new AF-s 35mm f1.8 and the 50mm f1.8 for about the same price as the 50mm f1.4. A good lens mostly and a wide range, my 18-200mm is slow and a little soft in low light and a little dist... Read More »

Should i get a 50mm prime lens for your nikon D40 I don't really know how to manually focus and i have the 18-55 mm lens?

My lens for my camera got wet there was some condensation inside but it is now gone it is an auto-focus long range lens for Nikon D-80 can i still use the lense or should i just get a new one?

Answer I would at least try the lense on a few pictures and see what the quality is. Depending on the price of a new one, you could even remove the front lense and clean it, or have it done by a p... Read More »

What lens should I get for my Canon 40D and why?

It's very good that you are thinking of Going with L. The 24-105mm f/4L is a great lens, but in my opinion, if you can go faster, do so! You will notice that the 24-70L has a maximum aperture of f/... Read More »