What lens is quieter sigma 70-300 or tamron 70-300 on auto focus?

Answer well they are all different sizes. they stopped making those 16 gb ones and brought in the 64gb. but if your not a music freak i would just get the 8gb nano. I wouldn't worry about spending 100 dol... Read More »

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How do you use the auto focus feature of a Tamron A061 28mm-300mm lens on a Nikon D40?

Software is the limitation. You could try an 8 GB SD high speed card and see if it is recognized. Frankly, we would recommend two 4 GB cards instead of one 8 GB anyway. Memory cards do fail, and wi... Read More »

Will the Tamron 1.4 pro extender auto focus with the Canon 100-400?

The Tamron 1.4 pro extender will autofocus when used with the Canon 100-400 zoom lens depending on the camera body you are using. Lower-end models will not have the electronic ability to enable au... Read More »

My lens for my camera got wet there was some condensation inside but it is now gone it is an auto-focus long range lens for Nikon D-80 can i still use the lense or should i just get a new one?

Answer I would at least try the lense on a few pictures and see what the quality is. Depending on the price of a new one, you could even remove the front lense and clean it, or have it done by a p... Read More »

Can you use a minolta auto focus lens on a minolta manual focus camera?

No.Wrong flange depth (so even adapted, no infinity focus)No focus control (as you would expect on an MF body)and no aperture control.I'm not sure if the MAF lenses rest with the aperture closed or... Read More »