What lengths do coax cables come in?

Answer "Coaxle cables can come in sizes as small as 2 feet, and they can come in sizes as large as 100 feet. It just depends on how long you need it to be. You can also make your own."

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How long do coax cables typically last before going bad?

The number one cause of problems is the F connectors either un-screwing or pulling out of the coax.Many homes were installed with RG59 coax but higher frequency and broadband signals want RG6 which... Read More »

How to Connect the Ends on TV Coax Cables?

Coaxial, or coax, cable consists of four separate components. An inner wire of solid copper is surrounded by an insulating plastic sheath. This sheath is covered by a mesh of copper braiding, which... Read More »

What is the difference between coax cable and hd coax cable?

Ok, very confusing subject hope not to confuse you more. There is an HD cable but it is not called an hd coax cable (no such thing). It would be called an HDMI cable. They are pretty expensive when... Read More »

Which is better for High Def output using S Video cables that are provided or buying more expensive monster cables?

Truth is, unless you're a really video savvy individual, chances are that you'd not see much of a difference. Monster brand cables specialize in oxygen free cable manufacturing techniques for thei... Read More »