What legal rights to Home Owners Associations have?

Answer The rights, obligations, rules and regulations are set forth in the documents that create each individual homeowners' association. Therefore, you need to review the document that created your parti... Read More »

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Do all home owners associations have to be recorded at the Clerk of Court or the Secretary of State's office to be legal and binding?

Your association may be some type of corporation, usually a non-profit. The association's license to do business in the state is usually renewed annually, and must be in order for the association t... Read More »

Are fines imposed upon home owners for rules violation legal and collectible in a home owners association?

If the violations and fines are set forth in the associations's covenants and bylaws, yes, they are.

What are home owners associations exempt function activities?

Read your governing documents to determine in your community -- each is unique -- the list of activities that are exempt and exactly what they are exempted from.

Do home owners have voting rights in a homeowner's association?

Yes, and your voting rights are based on the notion of your 'allocated interest' in your communal ownership of the assets of the association. Your governing documents set out your voting rights and... Read More »