What legal rights does stepfather have over child after divorce?

Answer If the step father did not adopt the child, then his legal rights are few and far between. However, there is no reason that the personal side of the relationship can't be maintained if all parties ... Read More »

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After a child is legally adopted by his stepfather can a biological father claim any rights to the child?

If you live in the US... Being pregnant/having a child does not emancipate a minor. Therefore, you are still subject to your parents control and authority. However, as a parent yourself you have pa... Read More »

Does the father have to sign away his rights in order for stepfather to adopt child?

Either the biological father has to sign away his rights as a parent, or you can go to an adoption attorney and take that route. If the biological is not active in the child's life, it may be fairl... Read More »

Does an illegal father have rights to u.s born child mother is also a us citizen parents are not married does the father have legal rights to this child?

It depends.In pakistan, the father has the custody.In US, both parents would be considered for custody, however case is stacked against father from get go based on his illegal status in US. However... Read More »

What are my legal rights in a divorce?

There are many reasons that cause a couple to divorce. No matter what it is, each individual has rights regarding property, children, name changes and how the divorce is handled. It's better if cou... Read More »